Thursday, March 12, 2009

Loretta and Pamela

Two of my favorite ladies to just BE, along with Sallianne, of course. We share trips to the city. weekend getaways...just BEing...

Pamela has done all the digital Alice artwork for Art-Is and the banner on this blog...isn't she amazing?

Loretta has written our Home Page Poetry...she is the Queen of Word...

How to Get to Wonderland

Follow Loretta
, a.k.a Mrs. Pom, on a magical journey to Wonderland.
Each morning, we gather together in celebration of our creative spirits and pour the tea to let the party begin. We will prime our hearts and hands through quick and easy art journaling techniques (supplies provided by your hostesses!!) and create our own sets of Wonderland Cards to keep or trade. Join her for this warm up workshop each morning and discover how quickly your ideas will spill forth afterwards in your registered classes.

Loretta Benedetto Marvel is a mixed media artist and writer whose narrative art and writing reflects a strong connection to home, family, faith, and sense of place. She writes a regular feature column with artwork for the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors on creativity and the artist's journey. She has been published in Somerset Studio, Legacy, and in the anthology, The Circle Continues, ed. by Judith Duerk.

Loretta's work combines family photographs, drawings, paintings, fabric collage elements, beading, and other ephemera she has inherited from her large family of Italian American women, who kept every letter, corsage, hair bow, rosary, bobby pin, and receipt they ever had. She has lived in many parts of the country with her patient husband, three children, and assorted pets and her goal in life is to create as much art and writing as it takes to tell all the stories in her head and use up all the stuff that she herself has accumulated through the years. Loretta has been a part of Art Is…You since its first year. Find Mrs. Pom's blog here.........

******************************************************************************************************************Pamela Pamela Huntington:

Pamela is a mixed media artist, designer, and workshop instructor. Her interests and work include collage, assemblage, one of a kind custom books, art journals, and digital collage.

As a mixed media artist Pamela focuses on finding existing media and giving it new life and meaning. Her whimsical approach to assemblage and collage is to build layers, which reveal stories hidden within. She owns and operates her own handmade book studio creating custom journals for special occasions.

She is a teacher in local studios, stores and art retreats across the country. Her work has been published in Somerset Studio and Cloth, Paper, Scissors, and several independent publications. Pamela’s work is available at MaryLou Zeek gallery in Oregon and Marion Harris in New York City. Many pieces are now in private collections. Pamela has supported Art Is…You since its first year and in 2009 has created all the digital artwork. You can see her work here or here.



A Wonderland Journal




pamelahuntington said...

Thank you, ellen...

faerie enchantment said...

OMG look at that book, it is pure wonderland magic, its divine.
and Miss Pam, well she is just incredible!