Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tinsel Trading and Wendy Addison and.......

The weather was wild on the way to meet the lovely Pamela Huntington. The rain, the wind and the fog were with me for almost an hour. As I exited the highway, the world I had been driving in stopped! No rain, no wind, no fog! Go figure...

With a Starbucks in hand, we climbed into the car and drove to the city. Weather and traffic aside, spending time with Pamela is always a joy.

What a shock as we drove down 5Th Ave to see the Lord & Taylor Christmas window already on display! Saks had the curtains drawn but the snowflakes were on the outside of the building. I can't wait to visit the city with the kids, after Thanksgiving, when we can walk and view them all.

We were so happy to have Terri Ventura invite us to meet her friend, Wendy Addison. We were excited to see the new store, be with old friends as well as meet new ones. The Aussie was suppose to have joined us, but life got in the way for her to join us. (Know you were there in spirit.)

Awe! Tinsel Trading! The store window was gorgeous! The new settings...gorgeous! Winter wonderland in all it's majesty amongst the trims, ribbons and what-nots...a kid in a candy shop to say the least. Even Christmas music...

Wendy Addison is a warm spirit and just a joy. Her work is meticulous, fun and very inspiring, to say the least.

eye candy!


the pictures do not do these justice!

gorgeous mirrored pieces...

Wendy's spot at Tinsel Trading

Terri was in need of a trip to Metaliferous and not having ever been, we walked the 10 blocks to peruse this amazingly place filled with stuff! Findings, charms, chain, base metal findings, books and tools. I would have to have a plan to walk into there to shop. I would have to have hours to look and poke. It's definitely a trip to take.

Back to Tinsel Trading. A few pictures and good-byes.

Wendy and Terri

Marcia and Wendy

Terri and Pamela

It was a good day!


dime store daze said...

It was so much fun to see you and Pam I wish you all lived closer we'd never get any work
glad we did it.. and the Aussie .. maybe next time.

Sandie R said...

is it okay to be envious. When I looked at the pictures and saw all the ready made items the trims and everything I think I turned green. Oh to have something like that close enough to make it a day trip. HEAVEN!