Thursday, November 13, 2008

There's always one

that marches to her own drum...

Some of us learn at an early age, the importance of fashion.
What matches.
What doesn't match.
What may start a trend.
What may make our skin crawl.
We grow up with our parents' styling our hair.
If we have curls, we want straight hair.
If we have straight hair, we want dreads.
If our hair is short, we want long.

In some ways, it was good to have the parent decide.

At 3, one would think it wouldn't matter.
If you're the littlest of the Gator Kids, you learn at a very young age.
These shoes match this dress or outfit.
You wear this hair bow with this outfit.
And so on and so forth.
Your brother has short hair.
Your sister has waves of long hair.

"Who am I?" is the question...

For Boompa and Uncle Man Child's visit in Feb (just before I turned 3),
I cut my bangs, leaving my mommy squeamish at the thought I
would be looked at funny.

I think I'm cute!

Time to get ready for GrandMom's visit in December.

Yesterday, I had cute little pony tails in my hair when I went for my nap.
Mommy was helping my brother finish his homework while my sister colored.
What a surprise they all had when I "woke" up!
Mommy thought someone cut the dollies' hair.

Like my GrandMom says..."It's only hair!"


Anonymous said...

A Major Chip off the old block!!!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie...I like the
pixie look - very impish!