Saturday, August 30, 2008

What a Marvel!

is just that and more. I just read her latest contribution to Cloth Paper Scissors, that touch my heart. Yes, life was simple once upon a time and although it takes it's twists, it's turns, one never knows where it will take us. I, too, yearn for the simpler times, when my children were younger and had no worries. The snow days, when we would create, read, and play in the snow, only to come in for hot chocolate and fresh baked bread. Sleeping late in the summer because we stayed up too late chasing fireflies or looking for nightcrawlers. I'm not sure I would want for anything to change, except for the not so wise paths one or two have chosen, but if I did they wouldn't be who they are. I wouldn't be turning my size 10 above ground studio into a size 6 basement studio, I wouldn't have the opportunity to get excited to get it done so I can create again. I wouldn't have the opportunity to transform the old into a room to house grandchildren. As the Aussie pointed out today, I had only redone the Man Child's room when all this life took over. God works in mysterious ways and I guess this may be one. It allows the kids to have their own spaces, all newly painted and newly furnished; it allows me to get excited about a space to create in and just finding a place for all is creating enough. Somehow it works.
Let's get back to Loretta...
At Art-Is-You, Loretta is teaching 3 marvelous classes.

I have heard from numerous people, 'I can't paint!'. Loretta doesn't ask you to come to her classes with the knowledge of drawing or painting. She asks that you come to her class, to allow her to pull that out of you, from deep within. If you look at the previous blog entry, Rita was apprehensive from the fact, she couldn't paint! Look at that amazing piece! Loretta is a marvel!

I guess what I'm saying, if you are contemplating a class at Art-Is, try something different, try to spread your wings with something you think you can't do. You won't regret coming out of your comfort zone.

Off to the studio for those last few pieces...

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A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh My! You're practically right up the road from me (Well, a ways up Rt. 84 anyway!) So glad you stopped by and now I've found another place to visit here in Blogland ~ Hey, if you see my Rach wandering around UCONN, tell her I said Hi and miss her dreadfully, still!!