Friday, August 29, 2008


I spent a wonderful morning with the lovely Rita.

This is the picture of her mom that was created last year at the first Art-Is retreat.

Rita lives in this wonderful house where the old meets the new in the center of her kitchen; with her husband, 2 daughters (3 when the oldest comes home) and her 2 cats. I believe the old is one of the first houses built in the UCONN area and it is where a builder added modern without taking away the integrity of the house. Quite wonderful!
We talked of Art-Is. We talked of the marvelous work Martha Sielman is doing with SAQA and all the interesting projects going on. The shows, the books, the magazine, membership; I believe we covered it all. We talked about our hair, the color of the walls, what should she do with her studio, we enjoyed each other's company, all over a cup of tea.
More was accomplished in the studio. I filled IKEA bags with stuff and set them in the new studio to be sorted out later. How does one accumulate so much over 20 years? I keep purging, donating, sharing, throwing out, yet it seems never ending. It's sad to see the room I have called my studio for so long a period go, but at the same time, exciting to see a new space. Yes, the old space is a size 10 and the new is a size 6, but it will work. Is it my ideal space? No, but for the time being it will suffice. I am longing to create art.
Tonight brought yet another trip to the shops! We needed new baseball cleats, gym clothes, a lock and a few things we hadn't picked up the first time around. I dislike this kind of shopping, so having to make a sneaker run, a school supply run and a clothing run on different days, has not thrilled me in the least. This too shall pass.
Tuesday will bring Brimfield, where once again I will meet Pamela and Janette (for the first time), but I will be accompanied by the Aussie. Now, that is my kind of shopping!


A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh Gosh, wish I was going to shop on Tuesday, too! If you're there Friday or Saturday, we are in space E31 at J & J ~ would love to meet you in person.

Loretta said...

How wonderful to see Rita's painting again! Is she coming to Art Is this year?? I hope so - I can't wait to catch up with her.