Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's been a loooong week plus since I last posted. I made it to Brimfield with the Aussie and the great Pamela Huntington. We met Janette Schuster for lunch, with the added treat of her friends joining us as well.
The Man Child's room has been taken over with pink.

The old studio is now well on the way to boy central.
While we are not interested in headboards, we are interested in the bedrest pillows, for the need of sitting up in bed. There are the bed skirts (to hide the baseball bags and what-nots that make it under the bed), curtains and an area rug (so the feet don't get cold when they hit the morning floor) that need to be purchased. An alarm clock, lamp table to be made. Little finishing touches...For now, both boys and girl are happy in their own little spaces...

The new studio is not made for more than one and is getting less and less cluttered. One would think it will be organized within the week. Really, one would think.

Boompa has been working strange hours and throwing me off schedule. He should be back on track by week's end and I will be happy. It is kind of nice having him around during the day, but there is not enough time between him going and the kids coming to enjoy. At night, there is not enough time for the kids going to bed and him coming home to enjoy.

Yes. Life has been full these days.

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