Friday, July 11, 2008

Yesterday's shopping bags were filled with new swimsuits, beach towels, summer pj's and fun stuff for Z2, the J-Man and Little Red. Borders supplied new books for all along with new bookmarks and magazines.

When swimming and dinner were done, Boompa and the kids went out top check the blueberries.
With a little looking,
a lot of sampling,
here's what they found. Yummy!!!

Z2 went to his friends while the J-Man and Little Red created an 8 minute movie on how to brush your teeth, clean spit out of the sink and wash the blue plaque detector out of your pj's. Giggles galore were coming out of the bathroom as this production was being filmed.

Today brought Little Red off to Rec and the J-Man spent some quality time with Z1. Off course, once Little Red got back, to the swimming pool they went. Once swimming was over, there was reading Junie B. Jones, Toothless Wonder with Little Red whilst J-Man did some math and read his Diary of A Whimpy Kid, Vol.1.

The first dahlia of the season.

The weekend will bring me time to create as the 3 will be off to visit their mom til Sunday.

On Sunday, we will sit down to create our calender, chore and menu plan for the week. There will be computer time, reading time and each get to plan a meal for a certain night that they will help prepare. The chore list will be switching chores on various days so, yes, Little Red will be doing trash, even though she is a girl.

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