Saturday, July 12, 2008

What Color Are You?

Some days everything is black and white while others bring about color.

I went to Susan Tuttle's blog to find she has a fresh new look.

From the soft colors of the vintage wood to the wild green that runs down the sides; it looks amazing! The link to the Boy With A Coin leaves me green with envy that I don't possess the gift of dancing, along with such poise and grace.
Yesterday, left Z2, the J-Man and Little Red blue when there mom opted not to take them for the weekend.

Today, they've had a wonderful time with their dad and friends at a picnic, softball game, plus fireworks. A walking on sunshine day...the color yellow.

The vote for Sunday's meal is spaghetti and meatballs. Not what one would expect for the summer, but so be it. Being that I don't eat meat, I will throw some eggplant parm in the mix. The colors...

the white of the garlic,

the reds of the tomatoes,

the greens of the herbs

and the deep rich purple of the eggplant... luscious!

Life is a rainbow of color...What color are you?


cherylstrait said...

Hey there ellen,
Eggplant would be me, these colors are so rich!
what color are you?

MaryEllen said...

Hi Ellen,
Thanks for your post to my blog.

It was so fun meeting Cheryl this weekend! She has inspired me to create!

What color am I?...
I'd have to be Periwinkle! like the flower, or the Beautiful Chicory, that grows wild.

MaryEllen said...

Hi Ellen,
Thanks for the post to my Blog!

It was so fun meeting Cheryl this weekend!
She has inspired me to create!

What color am I?
I'd have to be Periwinkle!!
It's such a bright cheerful color!

pamelahuntington said...

I loved that boy with a coin
thank you so much for
adding it for everyone to
see and hear... i know what
you mean - i wanted to be
a ballet dancer!