Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's all about Little Red

Today is her day.

The boys went off to spend the night with the Man Child and she was left to spend the night with us. She started her adventure by night swimming in the pool with Boompa and what a grand time she had.

Little Red soon discovered she was able to put the blow-up mattress in the living room and watch movies for however long she wanted to stay up. OOH, the excitement! She started with Shrek3 and ended with Robots.

She had fresh baked Cheese and Herb bread which she thought tasted like pizza to which she topped it off with an ice cream cone.

Red started the morning off with fresh berries and pizza bread toast. Can you imagine the excitement she felt when daddy stopped in to spend some time with her? While we wait for her dress to dry we have folded laundry, sleeping bags and the air mattress. Nothing extraordinary, just special because it is one on one.

Today is off to shop for a new swimsuit and to pick up her latest book, Pinkalicious. I'm sure she'll breeze through this book in order to get to the Fancy Nancy books.

Off to get on with the day...

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Mary Ellen said...

I'm only 10 months into being a grandma and, Lordy, Lordy it's sweet. She is an exquisite child- you must be so proud. Has she read Anne of Green Gables who found it impossible to be good due to the fact she had red hair? The story is also available on DVD. hope you are enjoying summer!