Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's a marvelous night for a few fireworks...

Last night Z2, J-Man and Little Red thought fireworks would be a good thing to start their backyard camp out. They each got to chose one container which was lit in the fire pit.

This reminds me of some sort of ritual seen in a movie.

This is the envelope Z2 worked on to put inside the tent mailbox.

Little Red was so excited to find a beautiful golden tissue inside.

I found myself doing cleaning and wash until after midnight, enjoying the quietness the night brings. Although I love the day, there is nothing like the solitude of the night. There are no cars, no phones, no interruptions for everyone is tucked in their beds. It's a time of reflection, thoughts and ideas. Lately, a time just for me.

This morning brought the smell of fresh baked bread and the kids camped out inside the house to start my day.

The gardens were watered before we were off to Rec. The house needs to be tidied once again. Twenty minutes is all I really need and then I will sneak out to get a Starbucks whilst on my way to the market.
Tonight, I think I'll paint. Not walls! Canvas...

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