Tuesday, July 8, 2008


What a glorious day! I met Pamela Huntington at the church in the center of town. We drove down to the other end of the strip to peruse from one end to the other.

At the beginning of our journey, we found a wonderful self-taught artist from the mountains of North Carolina. Cher Shaffer doesn't have a website, as yet, but her work is wonderful and I have asked her to come teach for us next year. Oh my, oh my, she is a talent.

We met two button women with lovely trims and laces. They loved what they did and there stories of a button childhood showed the love and pride they took in their wares.

A booth of both vintage and new glass lampshades pulled us in to ooh and ah at all the color. While inside we happened upon a couple of books that Pam treasured and had to have. They are early mechanical books from Germany. A real must have.

Pam's treasured being secured in the bag.
A lovely woman who is a wall muralist sat at a booth her husband ran. She was quite interested to hear about Art-Is and I was quite happy telling her husband what I was going to do with the camera and rusty clock face.
We ran into an acquaintance, Jill Robbin, looking to buy charms and things to put on the vintage bracelets she now sells. Such a small world.
Some of the pieces we passed on our journey.

What bird wouldn't want to call this home?

Weather vane Witch

Look closely.

I have to say, I was quite good and quite smart today. I took my licence and cash. I left my credit card and check book home.

I have to say, I was quite dumb today. I ONLY took cash with me and couldn't buy what I wanted to at the end. The up shot of this, Pam got to buy it and is going to share a bit.

Lovely laces, an old camera, jewels, pictures and an old rusty clock face are my little treasures.

Come September, I will start where I left, for there is a woman, with wonderful stuff and reasonable prices. Yes, she will be in the same spot and yes, she will have more of the same.

Z2, J Man and Little Red are all in the pool chilling from a long hot summer day. Z2 has been in the studio since they got home from Rec creating an envelope and letter to put in the tent mailbox tonight. J Man locked him in with the hook and eye at the top of the door while Red kept asking "what're you doing?", over and over.

Life is back to normal.

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kecia said...

oh what a fun time you guys must have had. the treasures to be had. yummy!