Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sis Boom!

The morning started off with Starbuck's drive thru and meeting Pamela Huntington for our adventure of the day. We were to meet the Aussie at the Sis Boom event, the event we have all been waiting for.
Nestled in the town of Wilton, CT we find the lovely home of the vivacious Jennifer Paganelli.

Although Jennifer and I have met via numerous emails, we had never met face to face. She greeted us with smiles and hugs to go along with the house of eye candy. A gorgeous line of fabrics in brightly colored patterns, pillows, quilts, clothing, crowns that glitter, paintings (by Barbara Strawser) and more at every turn of the corner. We hear Earth Angels, Jen O'Connor was there on Thursday and Barbara is now an Earth Angel! Congrats to Barbara...

on the side porch

Jennifer gave us the studio tour and a stop inside her daughter's room, all located on the 2nd floor. What inspiration! Two walls of windows bring in the glorious views from outside and I'm sure when the sun pours in the bling must be almost blinding. The box of glitter on the floor, the table of two sewing machines, the table of stuff and this space, which Jennifer has told us is where the family dog likes to hang out.

very inviting

decisions ~ decisions
fabrics, papers, chipboard birds and crowns were among the things I purchased

We were excited to see the Art-Is postcard sitting on her guest book table when we arrived. Jennifer will be teaching for us on that Monday. This will be a half day class full of fun and frivolity which shouldn't be missed.

Thank you, Jennifer, for turning a dreary rainy day into a glorious bath of warmth and color. Thank you, Pamela, the memory will always be a click away with the amazing pictures you provided me.


Sandie R said...

Lovely pictures, makes one wish they could be there. Such beautiful colours and textures Im sure.' Bet you had just an awsome time.

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Thanks Ellen excited to be teaching at Art Is...sensational opportunity for me guys are the best, Jennifer

kecia said...

ellen, this looks like a lot of fun! i'm coming with next time! all those scrumptious colors.