Thursday, June 5, 2008

Rite of Passage

Life brings it's unexpected twists and turns. Life can be an emotional roller coaster with highs and lows at every turn. One of the unexpected and monumental moments is, when your children move away from home. Yes, the first 4 left and we celebrated their moving onto their path of life.

The Male Child, the youngest child, has been to college and back, and life moves on.
He no longer lives here, technically, but 99.9% of the time at his girlfriend's.
His room is still here with the many baseball accolades and posters.
The dresser holds the clothes that for some reason haven't seen the light of day in who knows how long.
The closet and under the bed are holding on to things he's accumulated over the years as well. Yesterday, with great angst, I took the first poster down and kept moving on from there.
The room has taken on the disaster zone appearance with 2 locker trunks and 2 bins of clothes packed neatly away.
I have a huge pile of clothing to be donated to the Goodwill that has yet to be packed up.
So I ask...
  • Is the angst and the procrastination of doing this due to the letting go of the baby?
  • The fear of redoing the room into a guest room to have him return?
  • The wake up of reality when the Male Child sees the new room for the first time and realizes the one sure thing of all these years is gone?
  • Could it be all of the above?
I'm not sure what the feeling is, but it's there.
On the bright side, there is a computer desk which the sewing machine will look real good on!

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cheryl strait said...

uh oh, do I detect you are eyeing this new creative space?
Well if he does come back you can always give him a sleeping bag and he can sleep amidst the New Art filled space, including the sewing machine.