Sunday, May 9, 2010

Art-Is…Mrs. Pom

Friday…October 8, 2010 and Saturday…October 9, 2010

Sister Illustrata's Book of Alluring Enchantments and Artistic Miracles


Loretta Benedetto Marvel is a mixed media artist and writer whose narrative art and writing reflects a strong connection to home, family, faith, and sense of place. She writes a regular feature column with artwork for the magazine Cloth, Paper, Scissors on creativity and the artist's journey. She has been published in Somerset Studio, Legacy, and in the anthology, The Circle Continues, ed. by Judith Duerk.

Loretta's work combines family photographs, drawings, paintings, fabric collage elements, beading, and other ephemera she has inherited from her large family of Italian American women, who kept every letter, corsage, hair bow, rosary, bobby pin, and receipt they ever had. She has lived in many parts of the country with her patient husband, three children, and assorted pets and her goal in life is to create as much art and writing as it takes to tell all the stories in her head and use up all the stuff that she herself has accumulated through the years. Loretta has been a part of Art Is…You since its first year.

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