Friday, May 7, 2010

Art-Is…Kecia Deveney

Kecia Deveney

Originally from California, I am a mixed media/jewelry artist /amateur photographer, who now resides at the Jersey Shore. Drawing inspiration form my life experiences as the mother of a severely disabled child, I channel that energy into learning and creating art. Experimenting with “reclaimed discardia” results in many unique pieces of storytelling art. I’ve recently been published in Belle Amoire Jewelry and Altered Couture. My goal as a teacher is to support, motivate and inspire others. I’ve taught at Art n Soul in Portland, Art is, in Connecticut and will be teaching several classes at “Gilding the lily” in California and Art Opera in New Jersey Spring 2010.

Thursday…October 7, 2010

Inspirational Emissary (afternoon)

Friday…October 8, 2010

Glinda's Reliquary

Saturday…October 9, 2010

Souvenirs de ma Vie