Monday, November 9, 2009

Part 2


It saddened me to see not to see the adults participating in the making of a tiara. These women should honor themselves even more so! They are the caregivers, the foster care, the guardians and adoptive parent. Me, being a ‘relative caregiver’ am in awe at these special women who are there for emergency calls to take a child(ren) in at all hours of the night, to nurture for a few days, weeks, months, years and to give the child(ren) back or move them to a new home. Theirs is not an easy life, rewarding, perhaps, but not easy. They exude warmth, love and a soothing calmness; that in itself deserves the regale of a tiara…

Queen of Pumkin Pie (wearing one of my tiaras) PB070105-1

came alone (with a pumpkin pie like no other, yummmmy) to observe, to give support and to cheer everyone on! She is honored not only for her pie, but her beautiful soul.

PB070106-1 PB070107-1

These are some of the tiaras in progress…I didn’t photograph the girls to protect them, unless I was told it was an okay thing to do, so use your imagination a little. One had a purple feather sticking straight up in the center when she was done.

PB070109-1 PB070110-1

Saving the best for last…

PB070108-1 Princess of the Stenciled Shirt!

My one regret? I didn’t think the Dept. of Children and Families were ready to have their conference room filled with glitter, so, with the exception of the little glitter from my things, the girls went glitterless…

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