Monday, November 9, 2009

November is National Adoption Month

Part 1…Ts

To honor the Mothers, Daughters, Aunts and other special woman in the world of Foster Care, Guardianship and Adoption; I held a class called T’s and Tiaras…

PB070083-1 PB070086-1

I filled my suitcases full with everything they would need (except the shirts, of course).

PB070088-1 PB070090-1

The top 4 belong to three sisters who are blessed with their gorgeous Auntie, who organized the event.

We used freezer paper stencils…

PB070089-1 PB070093-1

Once the paper was removed, this Adoptive Mom only needed to fill in the details.

PB070092-1PB070091-1 Mom brought her adopted daughter (on the left) and Mom/Grandma (on the right) who thought Turkey Day!

There was 3 1/2 yr old Madison and her mom…PB070094-1PB070095-1

to honor her day with Madison and one to honor all the daughters…

PB070096-1There was free hand painting…

PB070097-1 PB070099-1

PB070100-1 PB070101-1

splattering of paint…PB070098-1

and a little stamping was a fun thing for Mom and daughter…


As Bon Jovi sings… You want to make a memory…

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