Friday, September 12, 2008

ONLY 7!?

Thank You, Terri Ventura! Who happens to have three sites to look at, as well as her blog...

Yes, I want you to know that I pass by your blog, not always saying hello, which I guess I should. This is my way of saying thanks for having a blog that inspires me. I chose these blogs because the I Love Your Blog picture just doesn't match the art personality of these amazingly talented people, but with a little altering....
  1. Tim Holtz
  2. Michael DeMeng
  3. Keith LoBue
  4. Karen Michel
  5. Judy Wise
  6. Katie Kendrick
  7. Teesha Moore
This is a special award that must be passed on to others.

The rules are to nominate seven blogs with their links and email them.

Post this award to your blog with the link going back to the person who awarded it to you.

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