Monday, September 22, 2008

Farewell to the Cathedral

Yes, we watched the last game in the house that Ruth built. The pre-game show included family from players no longer with us, which shows just how tight knit the Yankee families are and they are, it seems, forever. The kids got a hoot out of seeing Goose Gossage, just 2 years ago he was sitting in our driveway and went to dinner with him. Babe Ruth's 92 yr old daughter threw the first pitch to start the game. We watched the sea of flashes in a packed stadium of fans that came to breathe the last bit of the Yankee Greats, that one last time before the lights went out. When the boys have children of their own, they will be able to say, 'I went to the Yankee Stadium many times and there was nothing like it!' What are the real differences between old and new?

This just may be the best seat in the house for our little Boston fan. I watched a piece on the new stadium. This, too, will be a house that Ruth built. There are manywomen who are now in the workforce, struggling to get off welfare, building the new stadium. Can you imagine being a child and able to say, 'my mom built Yankee Stadium.' How cool is that?

I'm not sure if we will visit the new, too often, for it is said, the ticket prices are not too family friendly.

You were the place where dreams were made and although the new stadium will bring its own dreams to fruition, there was nothing like you!

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elizabeth said...

Hi Ellen,
We are big Yankee Fans too! Celebrated my 40th bday,way long ago!, in "The House" and this July we went there and met Joe Girardi before a game (Joe also comped the tkts)! My brother in law grew up with Joe in IL. It was my brother in law and Joe's treat for my son, JJ, who had just earned his Eagle Scout. What a moment it was! Chills just remembering! What a nice guy Joe is..he was so friendly and calm, despite the utter chaos around him! Soon I will begin the countdown to pitchers and catchers!
Love, E.