Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Z2, JMan and Red were all riding bikes in the neighborhood with their friends. The boys have their next door friends and Red met 2 girls whilst riding with the boys. While they were out, a wave of concern came over me, so I put on my shoes to head out to check on the kids. To my surprise there were 8 bicycles at the corner house. The grandmother and the mother were in the house while the children of the house went to the basement and into the refrigerator. At first I thought, from the looks of the bottle, Heineken! but upon examining it I found it to be coconut soda. Yes, all sitting on their bicycles drinking coconut soda, except for Red who doesn't like coconut. Because there was a picture of peaches, the little girl handed it to her. A wine cooler! Yes, she took a big gulp and was spitting it out as I turned to see what she had to quench her thirst. I had the boys bring her home to Boompa while I confronted the mother/grandmother duo. Oblivious to the fact there were 8 children at their house. Oblivious to the fact they had children handing out drinks of all kinds. Oblivious to the fact they should be more concerned about what goes on at their house. Maybe, it's me who is overprotective, knowing who is in the yard, setting aside a veggie bin in the fridge and filling a cooler on the deck with ice, water and roarin'waters just for the kids. Yes, even in my old age, I find myself doing the same thing I did with my children. Paying attention. Our kids and the boys next door will no longer be around that house. The kids who live there are more than welcome to play here.

Last night was a sleepover. Yes, Z2 and JMan had their buddy from next door spend the night. Last count was at 3:30 when they were laughing while having a pillow fight. Fun is! Needless to say, I am exhausted! I have decided, I am too old for this. To be fair, I will allow JMan and Red, one sleepover a piece and we'll call it quits. Why do we call it a sleepover?

Red had her own sleepover...Her on an air mattress in the living room, me on the couch. How could I say no?

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