Sunday, August 3, 2008

the mini vacation

Car was packed at 7AM on Friday morning with peanut butter cookies, sleeping bags, i-pods and clothing, as well as little bits of artsy things in anticipation of our journey to Eastchester, NY for an overnight with the Aussies. Did we leave at 7? I don't think so! More like 8:30, by time the kids had themselves together.
The kids were excited about the change of scenery, going to see Wall-E in the afternoon and the Bronx Zoo, weather permitting, on Saturday.
With everyone in the car we headed to the market to buy the makings of fruit salad and fruit dip. We saw Boompa in the parking lot of the market, which was quite a surprise. I had to stop by Starbucks while the kids picked up a bagel and vitamin water for the ride. I thought we'd never get out of town!
Z2 had never been to the Aussie's so it was a treat for him to get away. He enjoyed his ride down the Merritt and the uniquely different architecture each overpass possesses.

We arrived at the Aussie plantation just before noon to giggles of joy as the Max Man greeted us. It was good.
We visited and played for awhile. The Max Man went to nap and the Aussie headed out with Flossie, Z2, J-Man and Little Red.
It was Nathan's Famous and

off to the movies.
Once the food was bought and the tickets purchased, the Aussie made sure the kids were set before she departed to bring us home salad from Panera's.
While the Max Man slept and I looked at Somerset Studios the Aussie snuck off to have her hair cut before she needed to be back at the theater.
The movie adventure and hair cut were both a success.
It was time for us to go off for Day With Doll set-up.
The Engineer was to pick up pizza and ice cream for dinner. What a day! Nathan's Famous and pizza! With all that being said, Friday was a success.
Saturday got us up early and ready to go to Day With Dolls.
The weather report brought thunderstorm warnings to which left the kids at home, only to briefly venture to the park and rent a movie.
They enjoyed the lazy Saturday morning of waffles and fruit salad. The lazy stormy afternoon in which power was lost. The playing of Polly Pockets, Nintendo and such. Doing everything they can do at home but in a different environment.
I enjoyed my day, as well. I got to see old friends, make new ones and spend time with one of my favorite people.
When we arrived from DWD, it was time to clean up and go home. Before we could go off, we had to suck the helium out of the balloons to find out who received the funniest voice award. We laughed and couldn't decide who should get it. The kids were sad to leave but there will be another adventure soon.
My thanks to the Engineer who allowed me to play this weekend, allowed Boompa a bit of peace and let the kids get away from the every day of life. You are a very special person. We are both glad and blessed you are in our life.

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