Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yesterday brought the feast of all feasts for the Culinary Camp. Although I was unable to attend, I heard there were omelets to go along with the chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon buns and truffles. We had our own culinary camp yesterday morning, making truffles, some rolled in cocoa, some in coconut and the rest dipped in melted white chocolate. If I had thought fast enough, I would have taken a picture of the yummy treats.

Last night was off to buy the J-Man his birthday present. It's hard to believe he will no longer be eight as of Monday. His choice of present was a green i-pod shuffle and a lovely green it is. We're quite lucky to have music already downloaded on the computer which is satisfactory to his taste.

From there it was to buy new silverware, glasses, coffee pot and plastic ware for a toddler, as Ian, the 'boarder' of 10 months, is moving in with the Hairdresser, their first place, this weekend.

It makes us quite happy to know he is now on his own, in more ways than one.

Do you think I could stop there? No! 2 pairs of Spongebob pj's for the boys, an outfit, sparkly brown flip flops and Hannah Montana jammies for Little Red brought me to the checkout where staring me in the face was the movie Stand By Me. For those of you unfamiliar with the movie, it's a great coming of age movie based on a Stephen King short story. I thought Z2 would like it since it's about four 12 year old boys and also, his dad and uncles liked it, watching it many times.

Today, we met Nina at the half way point so the kids could spend the night at the shore with her, PaPa, Out Of The Mouth of Babes and the Princess. They took grinders to the beach and to enjoy the day in the sun. Tonight, there will be chicken alfredo and birthday cake. Tomorrow, will be time in the boat after the J-Man goes for his birthday gift. Not sure what time they'll be home, but I am sure they will be brimming of stories and pictures. J-Man has taken the camera to chronicle his visit.

We just booked our U of F football game with the Daughter. I can't remember if we're going to the Kentucky or South Carolina, but if it is Kentucky, I will stay on for Halloween. I have yet to spend Halloween with my Gator kids and since Coach has to leave for a game early, the Daughter will be there alone.

The Aussie called on her way back from Hershey, PA. What a wonderful mom! Bringing Flossie and her girlfriends to see the Jonas Brothers! There was a moment during the concert she called my house and Little Red listened! The look on her face...priceless!

Mr. Pom, all is right with the world! The Yankees have beat the Red Sox.

Off to make French omelets and a green salad for dinner.


pamelahuntington said...

HI Ellen.
Hope the move went well for your
son..and I want to go to
culinary camp - wow that sounds

pamelahuntington said...

Hi Ellen,.
Hope all went well with your
son's move.. and boy that
culinary camp sounds so
great - I want to go there!!!