Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday morning and all the company is gone. The kids are all camped out in the living room after returning from the fire works with their dad, Z1. Z2 turns on TV to see chance of thunderstorms and decides not to attend Rec today. If one doesn't go, the others don't want to go. Sit around doing nothing, you say? Not here...

J-Man (formerly known as Being Eight) did 3 pages in his summer math booklet whilst he waited for me to change for a walk.

The kids on their bikes and me in my walking shoes, we were off! In our almost 2 miles of adventures we saw many yards inhabited by Smurfs, with wondrous colorful 'houses' of deep browns, reds and oranges, old barns and things of days past covered in a beautiful rusty patina.

Part way through the walk I was greeted with the warning! exhausted battery on the camera. How happy am I, to be able to retrace our steps, perhaps see things I have yet to see and to say thank you to Lady Kucko for the fine job she is doing as keeper of the wood. I do so love the crown that adorns her head.

The sun is shining and there are only a few clouds in the sky. Pool time is over, lunch has been served and now off to make their ice cream sundaes of fresh berries and left over chocolate fountain to which I will add a dash of whip cream...yum!


dime store daze said...

Hi Ellen
Check out my Blog for a well deserved surprise.

Loretta said...

Hey - thanks for the honor! Enjoying your rural photos and the antiques. Must come with you next time!!