Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July weekend

When Camp Legare opens for the Aussies, we find it rains. Yes, no matter what weekend they come to visit , it rains! Even during Christmas, it rained... Does this stop us? I don't think so!

Welcome to the Studio

What more could someone ask for when given a gift? This now hangs on the studio door and I couldn't ask for a more fitting piece of art to welcome everyone into my space. It is a gift straight from my Aussie's heart and straight to mine.

Washout ? Not on your life!

I was up early making the coffee, putting it in the carafe, making the pancake batters, and the home fries were put in the oven. The Aussie appeared all ready to go off to the highly anticipated tag sale with me whilst the men stayed behind to feed themselves and the brood of children wandering around between tents and rooms. How disappointed were we when we saw the postponed til next week sign? Back home we go to regroup and find a new plan. Flea market at the local drive-in has an inside facility where we can find some vendors if the outside vendors aren't there. Our kids want a tent to sleep outside. So, the girls (me, the Aussie, Flossie and Little Red) get into one car to explore the flea market, the Kev gets into the car with the boys to purchase the tent and all that goes with it, whilst the engineer stays to guard the fort and put Maxie Man for a nap.
The girls managed a stop at the UCONN dairy bar for ice cream and us older girls scooted to Starbucks for a pick up on the way. The fields were deserted but a few vendors were found inside. Oh, the treasures we found!

The hard cover sheet music book dated 1916 and a lovely set of 3. Missing is the lavender set sent home with the Aussie. The green is mine and the pink is a gift for another friend. I hate to admit it...$4 in all!

The boys and girls ended up at the baseball field at the end of the street for a game of wiffle ball and cricket. The ladies and the Maxie Man went to the market to get the things needed for the new bread machine, a wonderful surprise gift.

chocolate fountain

The bowl full of strawberries, cherries, pineapple, marshmallows, and pretzels were the beginnings. Once the fruit and pretzels were gone, the scoops came out. Surprisingly, the marshmallows were ignored and the fruit devoured.

Take a close look at the Aussie's face and you will find a hint of chocolate on her face!

Flossie and Z2 on their computers, IMing each other!

There was a bear at Camp Legare!

That big ole bear, gave us a scare.

The bear? He was never there.

The bear? It was the snoring, in the air, at Camp Legare!

See the mailbox and the welcome mat?
Did I say fireworks (of the smaller kind)?

The sun'll come out tomorrow!
The aroma of the banana/dried cherry sweet bread cooking in the bread machine (how did I ever live without one) and the coffee brewing, was enough to make it's own sunshine. As people rose from the tents and bedrooms, as the thoughts of packing away the temporary homes or moving others to a different side of the yard, the skies began to clear. Yes, the Aussie and her family were preparing to leave and the sun was ready to reappear.

As the car, packed to the brim with tents, sleeping bags and such, pulled out of the drive, the kids set a record of putting their suits on to enjoy the rest of the day in the pool.

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