Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On Sunday, my husband came into my studio for a few minutes and actually sat down at my work table with me and Little Red. That is a rarity in itself.

I was finishing my ship of grands and making a Boompa crown for Father's Day. Boompa is what the kids call him and comes from the 1960ish Jimmy Stewart-Maureen O'Hara movie, Mr. Hobbs Takes A Vacation.

Of course, I had to find the most unflattering picture I could find.
There was one from Christmas, when the day was done.
At this time my camera doesn't want to take the 'perfect' picture for me. I have tried every setting but still to no avail, this is the best I can do. Hmmmm, maybe it's the weather!

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inventivesoul said...

Oh I love it! SO pretty and the crown too!
So funny!
So cool!

I love the 'shrooms too. Where ARE the smurfs?

Happy 4th to you!

Amber Dawn