Sunday, May 18, 2008

What A Day!

It saddens me to think I forgot about Brimfield this past week...I had great plans on spending a day with just me to explore the wonderful field of vendors but life got in the way.

Yesterday was a full on day. We started with 9am baseball for Being Eight and Z2. Being Eight had a ball bounce off his glove and embed the stitches of the ball in his forehead above the left eye. He knelt down on the field so they could apply ice to his boo boo while all I could do was watch. Do you think he wanted to come off the field? No. He stayed there through a few tears and continued on. The boys went home after the games and we continued on with the day.

Chestnut Hill was our first stop for the veggie and herb plants we have yet to put in. What a glorious place to drive into and peruse not only the outside, but the greenhouses as well.

From my mom's garden.

As soon as the plants were unloaded, the trash cans and recyclables replaced the empty spot. I've been looking for a rocker to sit on the front steps and thought the Willington Open Air Mall might have one, but look what I found instead! I took 2 books for altering as well, The Artist and Woman of Property, great titles.
Did I say I bought cushions for the deck chairs at IKEA on Friday? I fell in love with this cute little bright green metal bistro set but instead of buying it, I re purposed two chairs and a side table to create a little spot right outside the door. The thought of painting these chairs has crossed my mind! See the cushions?
For the rainy days this is what I use! It's makes a great outside studio, too. Anyone want to come play some day?
One of Kev's dreams is to have a camper. We went looking yesterday and realized these homes on wheels have air/heat, stove, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, bathrooms with showers, CD/radio, cost less than a car and are tax deductible if you don't own a 2nd home. Hmmmm! This would be a good place to put guests during the summer months (the ones who camp out in the yard) or to hide away with a book or art if the need is there.

We went to Home Depot where I found this delightful little wrought iron fencing to mark out the side door gardens. It comes in sections that hook together and is about 18" high. Cute, isn't it?

Groceries and home to grill fresh tuna to go along with the salad of greens, tomatoes and feta cheese. I even managed to make a dessert of strawberries with a little sugar and balsamic vinegar topped with a few honey roasted almonds and a dollop of whipped cream. Yummy!

With all this plus more I haven't mentioned, the best parts of the day were spent watching the kids' baseball, quality time with Kev, touching base with the Aussie and yes, I managed to create art, too.
Today, I didn't go to the Pitch, Hit and Run Part II. I needed to stay home, to chill for a few short hours of peace and quiet. This afternoon will probably be spent watching the 13 yr old team coached by the Male Child which I guess is a new path on the road I'm traveling in life.

Off to make a cup of tea and enjoy the little corner of my deck before life takes over once again.

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Ok can two bottoms fit on the red chair? It is calling my name!