Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

My day started with breakfast at Son #1's house. We had breakfast with the in-law's which is always a bonus to the good food we share. After breakfast we celebrated the 13th birthday of the New Teen. Red Velvet cake and ice cream for dessert, mmmm.

The New Teen's birthday was on Thursday but having a full schedule we incorporated the two celebrations on Sunday morning. I did manage to deliver a bunch of balloons before he got home so he could see them from the car as they drove up drive, but he knew immediately where they came from.

From there we came home to wait for my mom and sister. We wanted to take Mom for lunch but she insisted on cooking her seafood casserole and fruit pizza for us. I have to say, just providing salad and rolls was a treat for me.

Mother's Day cards are always a treat to give as well as recieve. This year I found the perfect sister card. After bringing the card home I decided to alter the faces and to add some color. It turned out to be a big hit with Mom.

Gifts are always a bonus. There were cards, flowers, Starbucks cards, a digital key chain, a recycle paper journal with Waru leaves cover, a recycled metal angel pin and a cross.
A blackboard drawing (from Being Eight) and the cross are my favorites. I've been reading and listening to the New Earth which has given me many aha moments. One of those moments was the word 'anti' , the use of and the effects of. Mother Theresa had said she would never attend an anti war rally but would have gone if it were a pro peace rally. Turning the negative to the positive. The cross is 4" high and made from a spent bullet casing that stands as a powerful symbol of hope for peace. Started by the combatant-turned-peacemaker George Togbah, a group of 200 Liberian Christians are creating these pieces as symbols of reconciliation. Liberia's 14 year civil war left 250,000 people dead and thousands homeless. It ruined the economy and left it overrun with weapons. The very instruments of violence and hatred has been transformed from hate to hope.

In the day I had planned, I would have gone to the flea market and found an incredible find, have met up with my sister to see what she found at the farmer's market and taken Mom out for eating and some shopping. In the day others planned for me, I got to spend time with people I love and cherish. I got to see people I don't normally see but enjoy their company. I got to talk to my dearest friends. I wish you all a belated Mother's Day and hope yours was as good as mine.

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Anonymous said...

Your family is blessed to have such a wonderful MOM and MA.