Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where have I been? What have I done?

There have been kids in and out, every day for weeks. The norm is Z2 (12) and Being Eight (who will have to change his name once he's 9) with Little Red (7) thrown into the mix at times, but we added the cousins this past weekend, the Princess is 3 and Out of the Mouth of Babes, is soon to be 5. What a noisy little house we had.

the Princess

Z2 while using the computer managed to shut the system down with viruses of many colors. We got the hundreds down to 13 before I removed the virus software and installed a new one. Within hours we were free.

To spice up my life I threw in the first accident I've had in the 30 plus years of driving yesterday morning. Mind you, my Jeep has a bumper scratch where the UCONN short bus has big bumper issues. I guess if you're going to do it, do it right! Most importantly, no one but my ego was hurt.

I have made art, too. I created the 2 pages for my round robin which was finally mailed out today to meet the deadline of the 15th. I've been spending time with my sister which inspired the top page. The 2nd, well, yes, we are all getting older.

Not only am I privy to hear the excitement my friend is doing in her local area bereavement center with the children but I then get to read about it on her wonderful blog! It's really very moving.

Teacher contracts for Art-Is-You along with 100s of postcards were mailed. I got to venture out as photographer of Marilyn Gattinella's purse she'll be teaching on the Friday of the conference. It's always a treat to visit in the Close To Home shop with the yummy fabrics, gorgeous finished products and wonderful people. I have been stocking area Borders Books and art supply stores with postcards and info.

The initials are from alphabet fabric, cut and sew whatever you'd like.

I had a lovely chat with Betti this morning. Betti is from NYC and turning 60 (you would never believe it) this year so we were planning her birthday class. We decided the girls would make a copper cuff bracelet, quick and easy.

The weather today is absolutely gorgeous. We're experiencing high 60s and sunshine. What more could we ask for here in New England.

This long winded blog will end here. There is plenty more to say but the eggplant parm and the oven are calling me.

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Sandie R said...

Ellen you sound like you have been a very busy lady since the last time I visited. I guess with your little misshap with the Jeep you could use some of those supposed lottery winnings. Don't we all wish for the tight swimsuit butt that we used to have long before menopause struck. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.