Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm Rich and then some!

In the past month I have been notified of winning the lottery in the UK, Ireland, Australia and now I can't remember where.

On the do not call list? I must have the privileged who can get thru to talk to me. The people selling the roof were told I lived in an yurt, the cable people who wanted to sell me all those extra channels so my children can have movie night with us, their parents, were told we were unable to have children (which isn't a lie since I've been thru menopause). Let's not forget the call for the car warranty, in which they can't give me one for the bicycle, the train or the bus.

Would you like the 2 steps to the tighter butt or the 5 easy exercises to spring into swimsuit shape? If I had the tight butt I probably wouldn't need those 5 exercises.

With that said...the sun is shining and life is good!


Loretta said...

Or, you can do as my MIL did when my daughter was there and tell the people calling about a warranty on the car she hasn't owned for two months to shove the phone up their butt.

It's good to get old!

Unlike Others said...

Now I guess you might need some of those winnings?

Unlike Others said...

I guess now some of those winnings will come in handy!

Anonymous said...

Ellen you are too funny, I find myself having the most nasty little phone manners lately myself!ROFL...