Thursday, April 24, 2008

Where does your creativity lie?


The gorgeous morning sun brings with it the need and desire to get out the Windex and newspaper to creatively clean the winter grime off the windows. Yes, creative cleaning. Creativity is not just the arts. Creativity lies in everything we do. The mathematician creatively solves a problem. The organizer who puts everything in its place or co-ordinates an entire event. The tree man who cuts down the tree to avoid the house. If we look deep enough we can even find it in the way the trash men come and pick up the trash. Yes, creativity is in all of us, in many different ways. I have tried to creatively get out of doing this but to no avail, I'm not that creative. Tomorrow when that sun comes up through the trees, streaming her rays in the living room window it will be a brighter sun. Now, get out there and create.

after...what a difference!

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