Monday, April 21, 2008

we made crowns

On Saturday we celebrated the birth of my sister 52 yrs ago by driving to Tinsel Trading to make crowns with the lovely Gabriela Delworth.

Mariah and Gabriela

We celebrated the wedding anniversary of Merrilee and George by picking Merrilee up along the way to Tinsel Trading to make crowns with the lovely Gabriela Delworth.

Merrilee and Sallianne
On our way to Tinsel Trading to make crowns with the lovely Gabriela Delworth we stopped in Eastchester to pick up the other half of Art-Is-You to pick her up and join us in the celebration.

Art-Is Sallianne and Gabriela
Many things were celebrated this weekend. We celebrated new friendship, Lisa Kettell and had fun with our dear friend Terri.

Lisa / Terri and her beautiful daughter
We celebrated the life of John, my daughter-in-law's grandfather, who passed away unexpectedly on Thursday afternoon. We celebrated his life of 80 plus years and the 60 of those married to the love of his life, Wanda. He was a good man and he was loved by all. To celebrate this, we made crowns.

We celebrated Shane at his try-outs for the minor leagues. Three teams, one being the GASP!, Red Sox, the other two I'm not sure of, but the Yankees would be ideal. We celebrated his hard work, we made crowns.

We had a bittersweet celebration for the unconditional love my son has for his daughter. He was in a motorcycle accident which left him with traumatic brain injury almost 6 yrs ago. In the beginning of being let out too soon and poor choices of care he made bad decisions which lead him to a relationship with a girl, he would never have looked at none the less had a relationship with. This relationship produced a daughter with the girl who had a baby already. Now the Princess and her brother, King Kong, have been with my ex and his wife. My son after all this time is starting to be as he was versus who he has been. His unconditional love is the signing of the papers for my ex and his wife to adopt the Princess. As sad as this sounds, she is well kept and well loved. He will never be able to give her the life she has right now and although we would like to think it will happen it will be years before it does. God sent my son to this girl so King Kong would have a family that loves him and to guarantee that love, God gave us the Princess. To celebrate this, we made crowns.

We celebrated new life with the baptism of Maximillian. He is a true blessing from God. His family is a true blessing to us. To celebrate, we made crowns.

Life isn't always as we expect it to be, but no matter what life hands you, be it lemons or lemonade, celebrate the moment.


Anonymous said...

What a fun vibrant colorful Post,it looks like you all had a great time...
I need to go to Tinsel trading company sometime, on my travels...

faerie enchantment said...

LOve your blog, I had so much fun on saturday, all the crowns are divine. I'm adding some pictures to my blog now and will email the lot of them, later today!

Ms Dragonfly said...

how fun! amazing crowns :)

pamelahuntington said...

HI Ellen,
These crowns are really lovely..
wish I had known you were going - would have taken the class with
you - I am planning to
meet Terri there one day!

Mary Ellen said...

I am the person who came by and said hello to the Crown Making participants after I saw the Pope. Your pictures really capture the excitement of the class.

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

wow, what beautiful crowns. I would have loved to join in on this fun. Maybe for mother's day, I should make my mama a crown. I've been thinking about how to celebrate mother's day for the first time without my mother. This would be perfect. Will you come over and play with me??