Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

The first day of the new year brought us snow, not too much a few inches, throughout the day.
The first day of snow brought me a tempermental internet. Maybe it had too much ushering in the new year cheer, maybe too many people were attempting to wish everyone a Happy New Year, who knows why.

I retreated to the studio for the day to create.
With the Twilight Zone marathon in the background I created the canvas to be used as the Art Is postcard strips of canvas and wonderful painted letters made of grungeboard.

I also created an essence of Claudine Hellmuth canvas using two of the Grands. I wish I had a smaller marker for the kids but I can't have everything. After looking at this canvas all day I realize it needs a bird so I'll add one by the end of the week.

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mary schweitzer said...

Hi Ellen, I love your work. I had asked a question about collaging w/fabric and since you were nice enough to answer I thought you might like to see the result. I started a blog(YAY) where I put up the pics.
Thanks Mary