Thursday, July 29, 2010

the Birthday…

We pick the cake, the ice cream, too; we then, sat in wait of you!

Jake's 11th We started with mini golf…

this came next! Recently Updated

We stopped for raspberry coolattas to give us the strength.

Recently Updated1

The company I had P7280256 was the best there could be!

With a white tarp strung between the trees, Boompa brought out the projector, DVD

player, surround sound and all. Transformers was the choice…

Recently Updated2

It’s been a very long day and J-Man’s room is now full of sleeping bags and tired kids.

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Sandie R said...

Looks like J-Man had a fun filled 11th birthday. Give him belated wishes from me.

Thanks for checking out my latest pieces of art on my blog. I really liked the wings one the best. Also thanks for adding me to the message list for the updates on Art is. When I got the first one and it just said Wicked Good I thought what kind of spam am I getting now. LOL