Monday, May 17, 2010

5th Grade Excursion…


Off to Sturbridge Village…

Through the camera lens of a 10 year old boy!


DSCN5083-1 DSCN5084-1 DSCN5085-1DSCN5086-1

DSCN5087-1 DSCN5088-1

DSCN5089-1 DSCN5090-1 DSCN5091-1DSCN5097-1

DSCN5093-1 DSCN5096-1

DSCN5103-1 DSCN5104-1DSCN5108-1 DSCN5106-1

DSCN5110-1 DSCN5112-1

DSCN5113-1 Boys…

what did you like the best about your field trip?

DSCN5111-1 DSCN5114-1

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