Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sports and Culture…

Boompa won tickets to the Jorgensen by answering a hockey question on the radio. The Jorgensen has *a relaxing and cozy nightclub setting with candlelit tables on the floor,* which we looked down on from the mezzanine. The seats were to the right of the stage so the view was wonderfully close.

Jorgensen1 taken from the mezzanine

Donnell Leahy, eldest member of the Canadian sibling powerhouse Leahy, joins Cape Breton Island native Natalie MacMaster for a fiddle-driven whirlwind of Celtic music and dance. They push the pedal to the floor as they roar across the musical map with jigs, reels and strathspeys. Their fiery, foot-tapping energy brakes only occasionally for a delicate air or a keening ballad, making a timeless tradition fresh and new.


Unfortunately, there was no babysitter to be had, so we “surprised” JMan and Red by taking them with. Did we tell them? No, we didn’t.

What I did tell them…it will be another memory of the unusual things you do with us (me).

Jorgensen the JMan watching from the mezzanine…

No iPod (only at intermission), no X Box, no tv…there were moments when they clapped to the music, clapped at the end of the songs, really watched the jigs…

When all was done and dusted…JMan told us he would “never remember such a boring time”…Red was tired and needed to sleep but “let’s come back for Frog and Toad! “

I chuckle to myself, for it’s those boring times spent with grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. that will be a treasured memory and talked about in years to come.

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