Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Red’s 9

It started on Friday…

P2190010-1 P2190009-1

Make a wish…

P2190007-1 P2190008-1

Saturday brought Em to the house for pizza before our overnight to NY…


We’re off! DSCN5042

Two hours of excitement, giggles, stories and singing.

We’re here!DSCN5043

We walked to get our nails done…DSCN5049

and have gelato next to the nail salon… We played…met new friends…

had dinner and attended Rosie’s musical. The girls were awestruck with

the talent each performer possessed and then came Rosie…she brought tears to my eyes.

After the show…DSCN5051

DSCN5052 DSCN5053

DSCN5054 they were thrilled to try on Elphaba’s cape and hat.

They each came away with their own prop, a hat, that you’ll see in Sunday’s adventure…

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