Sunday, February 7, 2010

NY Metro ArtGirls

met at the library to re-create hats for the Aussie...she’s in charge of costumes for Flossie’s school musical…


BIG names were creating!

Loretta Bendetto Marvel…you thought law and journaling were her forte?

Kathleen Nesi…gorgeous art and teaching isn’t all she does?

Melissa McCobb Hubbell had all of us fooled!

Mary Hurlburt, Gwen Jackson and Doris Sutton… does your talent ever end?

What talent you all possess!!!

I am very glad I travelled my 2 hrs to contribute, it was such a good day!


Sandie R said...

Bet this was a real blast and well worth the 2 hour drive. Reminds me I have a couple of hats that need to be transformed into Victorian era head wear.

Anonymous said...

seriously love love love that montage.