Thursday, December 31, 2009

The theme…


Project overview: After you sign up to participate in the project, we'll mail you a package containing a Moleskine sketchbook with a barcode on it, a randomly picked theme to create your book around, and detailed instructions about the project. Themes are assigned at random upon signing up and are pulled out of a list of 30 different themes.

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The Exhibitions and Permanent Collection: When we receive everyone's sketchboo ks back, we will be taking the collection on a tour around the United States to select galleries and venues. Everyone who sends their book back to us will be included in the collection and taken on tour. In addition to the touring exhibitions, the ultimate goal of the project is to create a permanent library for which the sketchbook collection can be on display. We are anticipating the opening of the permanent sketchbook library location in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Did you know you were artistic?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea!

kathy n said...

your book came out nice! i love the flow from page to page. can't wait to see it in person...going to brooklyn feb 19-21 2010!


Patty said...