Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiti By Hand

Haiti By Hand is a shop showcasing handcrafted pieces created by a group of artisans in Despinos and Croix de Bouquet, Haiti.

HOWEVER, in light of the earthquakes on January 12, 2010, this site will host a wide community of artisans who have donated their work to be sold with all sales going directly to Haiti By Hand.
If you are an artist or crafter and would like to donate items to be featured, please contact -
My colleage Sallianne and I, along with the famly of artists from Art Is... hope you join them in supporting this wonderful store
--Bundle up some art/crafting supplies in pretty packaging and donate to their etsy shop
--Create an art/craft item from that big stash of materials you have in your craft room and donate to their shop
--Talk about them! on Facebook, Twitter, your own blog...wherever. You have no idea how much this helps spread the word. Awareness is our biggest need!
--Recruit art and crafting friends. Get together this weekend and make items to donate to our shop.
Where are you? They need you!

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