Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Family Holiday

Saturday morning, the car will be fully packed with kids (14, 10, 8), clothes, snacks, DVDs, iPods, DSIs, books and more.

The Navi will set it’s sights on getting us all to our destination, Photo098-1

some 20 plus hours away to celebrate the week of thanks.

The last Thanksgiving spent with our daughter was celebrated in Ohio, with her oldest (now 7) being 5mos old.

The man child was 17 and the only one left at home, the trip was easy. Since Ohio, she’s been in…   imageimage

and now here…   image                                                                  

When we were 20 plus years younger, we took our 5 kids on a road trip to Florida, for a family reunion.

Those were the days before everyone had a cell phone, DVDs, iPods and such.

Those were the days of reading, counting license plates, etc.

Those were the days before modern technology as we know it today.

So, as I write this, the laundry is piling, the clean house of yesterday is no more, and the packing needs to be done.

I wonder…



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