Friday, October 16, 2009

A Whirlwind Visit


As Sal sits in Starbucks with her Venti coffee on this cold (32f), snowy/rainy Friday, I marvel how quickly time flies.  As she writes, Karenne (Mum) sleeps and is getting ready to have a night on the town with Sal’s beautiful niece.  They have tickets for Andre Rieu and are very very excited.


“Mum” as she was affectionately called throughout the weekend of Art Is…You, was welcomed with open arms by those who met her last year and those who didn’t know her at all.  IMG_1371

She ran around for me, for Sal and for anyone else who asked.  She flogged aprons – even to the in house Engineer who took one home  to his wife.  


She made sure everyone was looked after.

(With the talented CT born, Sydney residing Keith LoBue)IMG_1541

She made sure everyone was registered and everyone bought a raffle ticket …


she can  sell anything!


She looked after me and Sal - this is one of 54 photos she took of us in the space of 3 minutes…she finally settled for just the face because (apparently) our bums and stomachs were too big.

What I loved the most is that she created and her creativity was celebrated.


Karenne’s Quilt – Pamela Huntington’s Class


Karenne’s Wonderland Hat – Taryn Reece’s Class


Karenne’s journals – Kecia Deveney’s Class



I have favorite memories of Karenne spending time with me at Art Is…You and of course I can only share with you the written version because no photos could do justice.

Picture Karenne – it is 6pm.  She has been walking around selling raffles for the last few hours.  In one hand raffle tickets, in another hand a tumbler with wine. She worked out that by putting it in the tumbler, the hotel would think it was apple juice and not scold her for walking around public areas with alcohol.  Over her arm she had her pink shopping bag.  Up to the registration table she wandered where my beautiful friends Gwen and Doris were.  When asked what was in the bag….she produced the bladder of the wine box!  Poor Doris and Gwen…the looks on their faces!  They truly thought she must have a catheter somewhere and this was her wee bag!  It was almost too much for them when she topped up her glass, popped the bladder back into the bag and skipped off to sell more tickets…I laugh out loud just writing this.

She created 100 Nanny (her mum/Sal’s Granny) Magnets for Nanny’s 90th birthday under the guidance of Sal.

The phone call to say she was taking the large altered suitcase I had given to Sal and offered to pay me for one to replace it. 

Yes, Dearest Karenne…your visit was a whirlwind and I cannot wait til the next. Until then, I will drink tea from the beautiful floral mug that you left for me and think of the laughter, the friendship and all we share.

Oh…and the 54 photos of Sal and ME?

Taken on the same night as the wine bladder discovery…

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