Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Come play and create with Lillian Alberti

Art-Is-You proudly presents…Lillian Alberti:

Years ago, as a young fashion student in New York City,  I happened upon the craftsmanship of a doll artist in a store front window.  That chance discovery, as it turns out, made an impression on me.  I was instantly drawn to the art of doll making.  Little did I know that it would lead to nearly twenty years of great joy!  I do not make an attempt to capture realism, my goal, instead, is simply to give each of my dolls a unique expressive quality.  Using the experience I gained in my years in the fashion industry, I design and hand-sew all of my doll's clothing and many of their accessories. Each of my one-of-a-kind dolls receives my signature tag that tells its own unique story.  Over the years I have participated in many group shows and my work has appeared in several publications;  most recently, Art Doll Quarterly Magazine (Summer 2008 & Spring 2009) and the upcoming July 2009 issue of Contemporary Doll Collector Magazine.

image image image

“Speak harshly to your little boy 
and beat him when he sneezes,
he only does it to annoyimage
because he knows it teases."

Every doll has a story, and that story emanates from the doll’s face.  A life of hardship and pain, laughter and joy, or age and experience—all of these things and more can be conveyed through careful attention to the construction of a doll’s face. To that end, this workshop will focus on the basic techniques of developing facial expressions and characteristics (faces only).   Previous experience with paper clays (Cellu-clay and creative paper clay) is helpful though not necessary. 

These workshops have been designed so that you can take one, two or three.

During each daily workshop, we will explore different facial expressions or characteristics as follows:

Friday:  We will open the workshop series by developing a simple face as a warm-up for those with experience or an introduction for those who are new to the medium.  In the afternoon session, we will work on developing expressions of sadness.

Saturday:  Laughter will be our topic for the morning session followed by techniques for aging in the afternoon.

Sunday:  In our morning session, each student will develop an original “Duchess” or “Queen of Hearts” face in keeping with the Art Is…You “Alice" theme.  In the afternoon, we will close the workshop series with students painting and embellishing their piece to be mounted in a shadow box which they can later display.  Applicants are encouraged to come to the table with a rough sketch of their ideal Duchess or Queen.  Hope to see you there!

Limit: 8 Students/day

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