Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Art Is...You - The East Coast Art Retreat‏…

is almost on our doorstep. Only six short weeks away. As one of our artist attendees said today:

Once upon a time, 6 weeks would have seemed an endless time, but after a certain age the days just speed by. So I ponder a naked kewpie, I fuss over trades, I study my supplies list....and if the floor doesn't get swept or the next chapter written, so be it. A lot of winter lies after the festivities in October, time for all those things. Meanwhile, love learning about the people I will be meeting.

I felt this comment truly sums up where we are today, where we‘ve come from and where we’re headed. Our philosophy and mission of yesterday is the same as our philosophy and mission today:

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Created for the East Coast artist and featuring predominantly east coast faculty, we set out to create a moment in time where artists, whether faculty or students, can come together to share in their passion for creativity. To create, self nourish, replenish personal creative resources and to nurture not only individual souls but the souls of those around them. Whether creating something is part of your daily routine or indeed the closest to creating has been using a glue stick – there is something for everybody.

In the last three years words of joy and, tears of happiness have been shared . Friendships have been forged and we have witnessed lives changing.

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As we head toward October, Sallianne and I will be celebrating our third anniversary. We will also celebrate the wonderful support we have had from our alumni (who just keep on returning), our superb and eclectic faculty and also all the new and excited artists we get to meet in person for the first time. The support we have received from our vendors has been extraordinary and they guarantee that in 2009. Between us; our artists and faculty will be spoilt rotten.


What began as a whisper of a weekend, with a pocketful of marvelous and artistic women, will have more than four times that many and they will dive down the rabbit hole through the looking glass of art. They will be opening the door to new media, new techniques and new places in themselves.

At the end of the weekend, they will be grinning like a Cheshire Cat and in unison will cry:

Art Is.... Wickedly Good!

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