Thursday, June 18, 2009

Curiouser and Curiouser...

Pamela Huntington is teaching this adorable art quilt using a vintage baby dress, a Frozen Charlotte and some really neat stuff...

I am curious... do the Frozen Charlottes provided in the class look the same?

I am different do the Black Charlottes look?

I am curious...will the vintage doll dresses be so different?

I am curious...if everyone is given the same packet, what twist will make them unique?

I am curious...who will be the last to sign up before we close this class?

"No, no, no," fair Charlotte said; and she laughed like a gypsy queen.

"To ride in blankets muffled up, I never can be seen."

The couple rode off into the cold and, after traveling a mere five miles, Charles remarked:
"Such a night as this I never knew, The reins I scarce can hold."

Fair Charlotte said in a feeble voice "I am exceeding cold."
Away they ride through frozen air, in the glittering starry night, until at length the village inn and the ballroom were in sight.
They reached the door.

Young Charles stepped out and held his hand to her "Why sit you there like a monument that hath no power to stir?"
He called her once, he called her twice, she uttered not a word.
He held his hand to her again and still she never stirred.
Then swiftly through the lighted room her lifeless form he bore.
Fair Charlotte was a stiffened corpse and word spoke nevermore.

Of course there was a lesson to be learned from this tragic tale, and many young girls who later played with Frozen Charlottes probably were warned: when you hear of this think of that dreadful sight and never venture so thinly clad, on such a winter's night.

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