Friday, May 15, 2009

The Old Chief Rides Again!

This is so impressive!

I wish Arnold and Gail a safe journey...


I am Arnold J. Cleveland, A.K.A. “The Old Chief”. I am a full blood Native American. I am enrolled in the Colville Confederated Tribes of North Central Washington State. I was born in Ellensburg, Washington on March 25, 1939. In the eyes of my family, I have seen 70 snows.

What I am asking for is your help to make a dream come true, by being a sponsor of my bicycle trip across America this coming summer, 2009.

As a child and youngster I lived mostly with my Grandmother Ida Nason, in Ellensburg, Wash. Several middle years were enjoyed at St. Mary’s Mission near Omak, Wash. My high school years were in Ellensburg, Wash.. I spent 6 years, 4 months, 5 days with the United States Marine Corp. I worked 43 years in the working world that led me down many paths while being a husband, father, grandfather, etc. I retired January 1, 2006 and have not missed a day of work.

At age 40 I took up a running program that covered 25 years and logged hundreds of miles of training, 5K’s, 10K’s, marathons, triathlons, and X-Country. At age 63 I took my 5-month-old grandson Beau, on a triathlon, which we completed in 3 hours. I slowed up running at age 65, but still enjoy kayaking the ocean, lakes, and rivers of the west coast. In 1995 I took up mountain biking, and road riding, logging a few thousand miles since, and continue riding to this day.

Thoughts and dreams of a bike ride across America began years ago as I read stories and knew people that had done these trips, but as a full time working stiff this was not doable. Now I can and this year is the time. I plan on leaving my home in Lakeport, Ca. in early May and go to the Pacific Ocean near Ft. Bragg, Ca. and start my journey. I will then go east and ride to the Atlantic Ocean. My travels will be posted on the Internet and interested parties will be able to enjoy the ride with me.

All contributions for this journey will be greatly appreciated and can be sent to:

Arnold J. Cleveland
P.O. Box 955
Lakeport, Calif.95453

For web updates you can go to it will be kept up dated as we have events or new locations as well as the date of departure.

All funds after expenses will be distributed to the World Foundation (HIV-Aids), the American Cancer Society and other non-profit organizations. Any communications can be directed to 707-263-6846.

Arnold Cleveland aka OLD CHIEF

Gail Price

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