Sunday, April 19, 2009

It'a all about me...

My finished self-portrait after a day of play with Allison and Tracy Stillwell, aka Artgirlz.

I started with a picture of me on the, a piece of gessoed canvas and from there...fabric, thread and water soluble oil pastels. I attached Me to a stick with strips of colored canvas and decorative threads. I was thrilled to see, the Aussie (she's smiling right next to me!)brought me the 3-D glasses, for what would I have done without them. Wire was used as the hanger, to which I added strips of words onto plain gessoed canvas. I stitched positive words on the machine and once again, painted the strips. I used a large strip of the canvas to stamp some negative life words; when painted and dried, cut them up to get rid of the negativity. It was odd to have the numbers show up in the scrap fabric bin; they were from a conversation I had with my d-i-l just the day before, so how could I not use them. Funny how art just happens like that.
Life was, good company, much laughter, gorgeous weather and a very simple lunch of African peanut soup, a luscious salad, scones, the most heavenly scones and oatmeal cookies to die for. Yum...Yum...Yum...
Wish I had taken more photos of the scanner self portraits, the transparencies in the mirror portraits (an adventure in itself)...the many faces of us!

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