Monday, February 23, 2009

with all that singing in my head...

Yes, with all the planning of Art-Is-You I have been humming, 'Painting the Roses Red' for days!
I've been jotting down this and that and 'coloring'. Some pictures don't match the scribbles but in the long run, it will all make sense, to me.

One tends to forget how well India ink smudges whilst still wet.
Don't forget the water soluble oil crayons, the way they glide across the paper, mm, luxurious.
A picture here and a picture there...notes of many colors and more...I am now allowing myself at least one 'coloring' a are just a few.

Off with her head!

I hear oolong is a very good tea...

The Mad Hatter loves a party!

Get out your journal and do some 'coloring'...just once a day will do...


pamelahuntington said...

Oh how neat - love that queen!

Sandie R said...

You look like you have had some fun colouring days Ellen. These are great.

Loretta said...

Your drawings are adorable! Print them out and use them for the publicity for the retreat!