Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What a weekend...

Saturday morning was a glorious cold, but sunny day. I was off to meet the delightful Pamela Huntington at Starbucks, where we would venture off for our 2.5 hour drive to Warwick, NY. Mrs. Pom and the Aussie were driving in from the city to meet us for this wonderful overnight adventure. The only plan we had was Earth Angels and the Sleepy Valley Inn for the night...

On the first floor we found Debbee Thibault

and her wonderfully whimsical creations...

We found Dara DiMagno and her gorgeous jewelry on the 2nd floor.

On the 3rd floor we find Nicole Sayre chatting amongst the Mudcakes paintings.

Whilst Miss Mudcakes herself, Laurie Meseroll, told us of the birth of her first grandbaby!

Mrs. Pom! Did you buy a painting from Jennifer Lanne?
We can't forget Deirdre Friebely paintings!!!

It was a lovely show and once again, Jenn did a superb job!
From the show, we made our way down to Charlotte's Tea Room ...before we could get there...
70% off? this rack...$20?
We all walked out of there poorer, yet VERY happy!

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