Monday, August 4, 2008


The weekend was a jam packed weekend for Z2, JMan and Little Red. Yesterday took them to the water races with Z1 and friends. It is where grown men and yes, there were two women, race snow mobiles
on water.
They get stuck and have onlookers pull them out...
They even sink them...They took videos and all kinds of pictures to share.

Since my studio is being turned into the boys bedroom and I will have no place to create, we went off to search for garages or outbuildings to house my studio. We found a perfect free standing 16 x 24 space loaded with windows on two sides that I fell in love with.

Of course I would change the garage door.
Boompa found 'his' garage with a huge loft. My heart was thumping and I was almost hyperventilating at the thought of a studio space that would house all my supplies, tables and what-nots. If the garage is the choice, so be it. A garage will mean, we each get a space we can call our own. A garage would mean a new space to house the shoes and clothes as everyone enters the house. A garage means we have a room next to the entry to house the laundry. The best part in all this is 1) the boys will have a sense of self and a real bedroom, 2) Chelsea will be able to accessorize her room with pinks and purples and 3) I will get a real studio (not a leftover bedroom!).

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