Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday

See the candle holes!

It was Boompa's birthday yesterday and while he was at work, we created a party. We had all sorts of wonderful food; both good for you and not so good, but yummy foods! Family and friends from both near and far were here to greet the birthday boy as he arrived home from work. Those who couldn't be here, called to wish him well.

What a lovely break it was., for us, for the kidlets..
KK was there telling us to eat and shoving the wonderful lucky cakes and butterscotch
marshmallow treats down some of our throats. So, maybe some of us didn't need persuading! MMMMM! that was good!
It was a day where we all came together, to celebrate the man who has held us together through thick and thin. Who has become Boompa to grandchildren, friends of our children, friends of our grandchildren and far beyond. a day where the 'boys' sat and solved the world's problems, the girls were off in Jonas Bros world, the boys were boys. We had the 2 yr olds exploring the world together while the older boys rode bikes, played video games, traded in our baseball cap and ate. It was a day where the boys sat at the table to tell the Aussie what they did and didn't want in the next Pea Pod love pack being delivered. It was a day, where we celebrated the family we have created, with and without being related. It was truly a day of celebration.

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Anonymous said...

and for those who get a chance to have KK's lucky cakes...take them and run...
love the Aussie